Get A Better Smelling Home Today

Have you ever wondered about the amount of cash you spend on getting your home to smell good? What is it about this modern society that there seems to be such a call for disguising the smell in the home. If you can get to the bottom of the smell in the first place, there is no need for synthetic sprays that may have a bad effect on the health of your family. Carpets are one area that tend to really absorb bad smells in the room and are key to ridding the house of them.

If you have never seen a carpet be pulled up off the floor before, you would probably wouldn’t believe how much dirt is underneath there. Vacuuming works at the surface level, dirt, on the other hand, gets pushed deeper and deeper into the pile as people and pets walk over the carpet. Normal household vacuum cleaners will never manage to get right to the bottom layer.Even daily sessions with the vacuum will not prevent this.

The fibers of the carpet are pretty absorbent and, let’s face it, these fibers take a lot of beating from day to day. Moisture can further cause a mildews smell and, over time, normal cleaning methods are not enough and the entire room smells bad. Synthetic deodorants only mask this smell, to get rid of it, you need to turn to Mother Nature. Get a bag of bicarb, a few cotton swabs and an essential that you fancy. All oils can act as a bacterial agent in some ways. Citrus smell the freshest.

Start off by clearing the floor as well as you can. Add no more than 5 drops of the oil chosen to the bicarb and shake well so that the oils can be spread around. Let this mix stand so that the oils have a chance to mix with the bicarb. This mixture is then applied to the carpet – throw handfuls across the carpet until the surface is properly covered. Keep pets and kids away from this – it is not safe to eat. If you have the time, leave in place for at least the whole day. If time is short, a half hour will help as well. Should there be any remaining bicarb, store well marked with the cleaning supplies.

vacuum up thoroughly and do not clean out the vacuum cleaner again until the next time you vacuum. Once emptied, add a few drops of the essential oil to two cotton swabs and place in the bag. This does help to delicately scent the room the next time you vacuum. Be aware that not all oils can be considered safe for pregnant women to use. Lavender is a safe bet or do some research about dangerous oils before committing yourself.